Cstef Solutions

I fix problems. Mostly Internet problems.

These are a few my more exciting projects that I like to show people. Maybe you would like to look at them as well?


City of Frankenmuth Website

Travel site focused on tourism. Created with WordPress, custom plugin created to handle interaction with the SimpleView CRM’s API.

  • Interactive Map that shows results from SimpleView CRM as locations on the map
  • Listings are all drawn from the SimpleView API
  • Trip planner where users can save, share, and print listings
  • Calendar of Events

Community Profiles

Community Profiles 2.0

The first phase of the CRI Community Profiles 2.0 aims to build upon CRI’s existing work in housing and economics within the City of Grand Rapids and to further the development and use of neighborhood information and data systems in local policymaking and community building.


Foreclosure Report

The purpose of the effort is to provide communities throughout the state of Michigan with meaningful historical residential foreclosure-related data that gives them a clear picture of the genesis of the crisis and its impact over time both at the state and county level.



Converted supplied PSD to WordPress theme. Site features gated assets, HubSpot/Salesforce integration, several custom post types and template display pages.



My responsibilities on this site was all of the back end functionality using WordPress.

  • Ability to add properties and have them show on a Google map
  • Users can log in and save properties to “my properties” area
  • Realtor can attach documents to property viewable by users
  • Realtor can see what privacy agreements were signed by users
  • Custom login pages


Fiverr Blog Plugins

Created plugins for Fiverr’s WordPress blog:

  • Plugin to allow admin to attach “social share” buttons with custom text for each image
  • Related gigs: took keywords from article and used Fiverr.com private API to show gigs that were associated with this keyword